Anyone can (and should) record a conversation with their loved ones using a phone these days.  Here's what makes Keepsake Audio different.


Professional equipment

Do you listen to radio shows like This American Life or Radiolab?  I use the same type of professional microphones, recorders and monitoring equipment that the producer's of these shows use.  The result is the full and rich sound that makes you feel like you're in the room as you listen.

Professional training

As a Transom graduate, I'm trained in best practices on how to make great recordings.  I've spent hundreds of hours interviewing people and getting to know my equipment so you can share your story with Ira Glass and he won't cringe.   

Professional editing

I take the several hours of raw interview and distill it into a comprehensive story that's fun to listen to.  It willl be a family keepsake, but you'll want to share it with others.

Curated music

I select the best, most fitting music for your story.  All the music is properly licensed for your project so you'll also be supporting independent musicians.





I've spent most of my adult life as a woodworker; from classic boat restoration to kitchen cabinets.  Over the last 15 years my constant companion has been public radio.  It's taught me the value of a story well told. 

I love audio storytelling because like reading, it forces the listener to make a mental image of the scene and in doing so the audience becomes more invested in what they're taking in.    



It all started when…

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